Orange Sour Cream Cake with Orange Icing

Ruby orange half

What Did I Make?

An Orange Sour Cream Cake with Orange Icing from the Eating Out Loud blog.

Why Did I Make This?

It was peak orange season.  I had mountains of oranges.  To use up the oranges I decided to make an orange cake.  In a fit of nostalgia for my childhood Sunday afternoon baking I decided to make a  Constance Spry orange cake using a recipe from the 1950’s Constance Spry Cookery Book.  That cake was a bit of a disaster.

Over the next few days, frustrated by this failure, I kept thinking about making another orange cake. An orange cake that worked.  I didn’t feel like making the Constance Spry cake again as I didn’t really know what I had done wrong so couldn’t fix it.  I knew I had some sour cream in the fridge after making a Mexican meal for my sister and I remembered that sour cream makes a great textured cake, so I searched the internet for sour cream orange cake recipes.  I chose the Eating Out Loud Recipe because I had all the other ingredients.

What did I buy?


What did I use?

Sour cream orange cake ingredients

Flour, eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla essence, caster sugar, baking powder, icing sugar, sour cream, orange zest and orange juice.

22 cm springform cake tin (5cm deep)

Standing mixer

Grated ruby orange peel

How did it turn out

I used the standing mixer because my electric hand whisk is really broken.

The cake grew to be enormous and cracked extensively whilst it was baking.   I cooked it at the temperature suggested in the blog recipe I used but looking at the cracks it probably should have been at a lower temperature.

Cooked cake showing epic crack

I looked at the Eating Out Loud blog to see if they had had problems with the cake cracking while baking.  It wasn’t mentioned but I noticed that there were no pictures of the whole cake with the recipe, only pictures of slices of cake. I thought, “Their cake probably cracked as well“.  This made me feel better about my cake so I decided to ice it with pride.  The icing was very easy to make .  The ruby orange juice and peel made the icing light pinkish orang.

Orange and Sour Cream Cake

As the Eating Out Loud blog promised this cake had a excellent light texture.   I think it comes from using sour cream.

Orange and Sour Cream Cake

It also kept pretty well, which was a good thing because it was pretty large.  I would definitely make it again but cook it at a lower temperature maybe 150 degrees centigrade.


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